Something for the weekend!
3 July 2009
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The Making of Music
1 July 2009
How do you go about exploring a millennium of music? In the first of a six-part series, James Naughtie reveals how he wrote his landmark history of classical...
Kenilworth Castle
29 June 2009
The unexpected inspiration behind an Italian opera
25 June 2009
Heard the one about the good viola player? No? Hardly surprising. This Cinderella of the string family is the butt of most instrumentalists' jokes. But...
24 June 2009
Uncovering the story of Mendelssohn's complex religious identity made sense of her own childhood, says Sheila Hayman, the composer's great great great great-...
Something for the weekend!
19 June 2009
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Something for the weekend!
12 June 2009
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The Musical Museum
10 June 2009
Explore an intriguing collection of automatic instruments
PG Tips
5 June 2009
In the July issue of BBC Music Magazine we present 15 truly unpleasant ways in which pianos have been treated over the years. Six of those occasions were, alas...
Something for the weekend!
4 June 2009
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Ocean Hotel, Isle of Wight
3 June 2009
Stay in the hotel visited by Richard Strauss
Something for the weekend!
29 May 2009
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