Oliver Condy
Submitted by Oliver Condy
Wed Mar 17, 2010
Oliver Condy argues the case for less choice and a more concentrated loyalty to our capital’s musical landscape
Helen Wallace
Submitted by Helen Wallace
Fri Mar 12, 2010
A recipe for success or for failure? Helen Wallace heads to the London Coliseum for Philip Glass's Gandhi-inspired opera
Daniel Jaffé
Submitted by Daniel Jaffé
Tue Mar 09, 2010
Daniel Jaffé reflects on some provocative statements made by prize-winning author Alex Ross on the art of recording
Oliver Condy
Submitted by Oliver Condy
Thu Mar 04, 2010
Oliver Condy explains why he puts himself through the pain of early-morning practice
Rebecca Franks
Submitted by Rebecca Franks
Thu Feb 11, 2010
Why doesn't the largest city in the South West have a professional symphony orchestra, asks Rebecca Franks
Jeremy Pound
Submitted by Jeremy Pound
Mon Jan 18, 2010
Jeremy Pound reflects on the first instalment of ITV’s Popstar to Operastar series… and dares to pick a winner
Daniel Jaffé
Submitted by Daniel Jaffé
Fri Jan 15, 2010
Daniel Jaffé wonders whether it's time to put away the recordings that he loved as a child