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This year marks 400 years since Gesualdo’s death, and there has been a flurry of recordings to mark the occasion.

This disc, on the Glossa label, is one of the best. And the track we’re offering today is ‘Mille volte’, the opening of which translates as ‘A thousand times a day I die, and you, wicked sighs, do not allow me, alas, to expire, as I sigh.’

Our critic Anthony Pryer gave the disc five stars in the August issue of BBC Music Magazine and wrote:

‘The extremely accomplished singers are aided by a secure bass singer (Daniele Carnovich) who anchors every exotic chord in its proper place… in a work such as ‘Millle volte’, they are able to capture the kaleidoscopic thoughts of the poetry, producing clarity of utterance in spite of the intricate counterpoint.’

BBC Music Magazine