August 2011

August 2011

We're celebrating the life of Glenn Gould, the unique artist who would have been 80 next year. Humphrey Burton remembers his friendship with the pianist.

Glenn Gould
Next year marks the late pianist's 80th birthday. We explore the life and work of one of music's most eccentric artists

Bored Games
We ask ten top critics to name the classical music masterpieces that bore them to tears. With surprising results

Current affairs
From Mozart to Turnage, composers have always turned to real-life events for inspiration. Fiona Clampin picks some of the best

Mahler's Fifth Symphony
From the opening funeral march, Mahler's Fifth Symphony plumbs the emotional depths. Terry Blain searches out the finest recording

Plus your free CD
Freddy Kempf plays JS Bach's Goldberg variations

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