Sonnerie and other portraits

Works by Marais, Rameau, Francoeur, Leclair, Duphly and Dornel

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'After exploring the 17th-century stylus fantasticus, the ensemble Fantasticus proves its versatility by triumphantly embracing the French Baroque… they have established themselves as a white-hot addition to the early music scene. Fantasticus by name; fantastic by nature!' Paul Riley

Sonnerie and other Portraits
Marin Marais: Sonnerie de Ste Genevieve du Mont de Paris
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Cinquième concert
Marin Marias: Tombeau pour Monsr. de Lully
François Francoeur: Sonate VI
Jean-Marie Leclair: Sonata VIII
Jacques Du Phly: La Forqueray
Louis-Antoine Dornel: Sonate IV

Resonus RES 10122 71:06 mins

Audio clip: from Rameau's Cinquieme Concert I. Fugue 'La Forqueray'

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