Refuge in Music

Terezin - Theresienstadt: Documentary and concert


Refuge in Music'This [is a] sensitively made documentary about musical life in Terezín, a garrison town in the Czech republic which was turned into a transit concentration camp by the Nazis. … Coupled with the documentary is a filmed concert of music from Terezín.' Erik Levi

Refuge in Music
Terezín • Theresienstadt (documentary and concert)
Anne Sofie von Otter (mezzo-soprano), Daniel Hope (violin), Christian Gerhaher (baritone), Bebe Risenfors (double bass, guitar, accordion, percussion), Bengt Forsberg (piano), Alice Herz-Sommer, Coco Schumann (participants); Gert Heidenreich (narrator)
DG DVD: 073 5077   58 mins + 106 mins