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Silent Beat Records presents:
Justus Rümenapp – Retreat


The new album from pianist and neo-classical producer Justus Rümenapp

An escape from everyday life

For Justus Rümenapp, the natural world has always been a source of inspiration. The German producer and composer discovers many ideas for his works by escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It was the concept of seeking a peaceful escape that inspired Rümenapp to create his latest album, Retreat – out on 29 July on the neoclassical label Silent Beat Records.

Rümenapp was five years old when he first came into contact with the piano; later he entered the nationally acclaimed competition Jugend Musiziert, where he achieved top rankings, leading him to pursue studies at the POP Academy in Mannheim. He went on to win the Music Distinction award for his compositions featured in the short film Hope at the Animfest in Athens, and since then he has continued to create beautifully composed music to international acclaim.

Listen to the new album here


Somewhere far away

The forthcoming album Retreat highlights the composer’s desire to provide his listeners with a sense of solace. Retreat offers somewhere for listeners to escape to; it features the soothing, peaceful sounds that have captured the interest and excitement of both classical and non-classical admirers across the globe, earning Rümenapp millions of streams and over 300,000 views on YouTube.

His penchant for depicting nature through music is especially apparent on several tracks from Retreat.
Most of the titles are inspired by nature, drawn from personal experiences while travelling or windsurfing,
an avid hobby of the composer and pianist. The inspiration for the melody of A Place Like Home came while windsurfing in north Germany; Somewhere Far Away, on the other hand, was composed during a holiday in Sardinia, and influenced by the peaceful introspection that came when exploring the landscape in his
camper van.

Listen to the new album here

The album is released on the 29 July 2022 on Silent Beat Records, and a concert dedicated to the release of Retreat will take place place on 6 August in Göttingen, Alte Mensa. To listen to the new album visit