BBC Music Magazine Quiz: Potatoes

How good is your classical music knowledge? Butter up your knowledge and try our themed quiz. You'll find answers at the foot of the page. 


1) Which Italian composer was nicknamed Il Prete Rosso (‘The Red Priest’) due to the colour of his hair?


2) How did Dvořák subtitle his Ninth Symphony, written while he was director of New York’s National Conservatory of Music of America from 1892-5?

3) For whose coronation at Westminster Abbey in 1902 did Hubert Parry compose the choral anthem ‘I Was Glad’, a work that has been sung at British coronations ever since?

4) On which British island, complete with its own opera house, is the expulsion of German forces in 1944 marked each May by the Liberation International Music Festival?

5) Name the girl who, married to Albert, drives the infatuated eponymous hero to suicide in Massenet’s Werther.

6) Can you name the BBC Radio 3 programme that, hosted by early music specialist David Munrow from 1971-6, was known and loved for its accessible approach to a wide range of music?

7) Which 1907 opera by Rimsky-Korsakov ends when Tsar Dodon is killed by the very creature he had obtained to protect him?

8) Which famous artist designed the sets and costumes for the first ever production of Satie’s Parade (1917), Falla’s Three-cornered hat (1919) and Stravinky’s Pulcinella (1920)?

9) Founded in 1926 as a publication for dance band musicians, which British journal went on to cover rock and pop music until its closure in 2000?

10) Now it’s time for the fun bit. Taking one or two words from each answer so far, what is the theme that links this month’s quiz?


1) Vivaldi
2) ‘From the New World’
3) King Edward VII
4) Jersey
5) Charlotte
6) Pied Piper
7) The Golden Cockerel
8) Pablo Picasso
9) Melody Maker
10) Potatoes

How did you score?

8 – 10 out of 10: My spud-ness! Your knowledge is far from rösti

5-7 out of 10: Your score is a chip off the old block

1-4 out of 10: Your knowledge is a little mashed


0 out of 10: Pomme de poor