For a trip into one of the quirkier realms of music history, look no further than the Musical Museum in Middlesex. Behind the doors of the museum’s purpose-built home is the world’s largest collection of music rolls and a huge assortment of automated instruments.


From clockwork music boxes and player pianos to orchestrions – instruments emulating the sound of a small orchestra – and self-playing violins, the permanent collection is replete with unusual instruments.

One museum gallery showcases larger instruments, while another recreates a street scene filled with automatic instruments such as barrel pianos and organs. And a third gallery offers a glimpse into the art of capturing musical performances on paper rolls. The museum also boasts a 230-seat concert hall, where you can hear concerts throughout the year.

Where is it?: Brentford, Middlesex
Open: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-5.30pm
Entry: £7, £5.50 conc. and U16s free
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Image: The Musical Museum


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