‘Ten Pieces’ Special: Part 5 – Stravinsky’s Firebird

Our children’s guide to the ballet's fiery finale

‘Ten Pieces’ Special: Part 5 – Stravinsky’s The Firebird (finale) - Jonty

The BBC’s 'Ten Pieces' initiative aims to present the wonders and joys of classical music to primary school-aged children. Over the period of one school year, ten essential pieces will be brought to life through videos, activities and performances of the pieces themselves.


We have been joining in the fun with our special series introducing each of the ‘Ten Pieces' in turn.

Part 5, in the March issue of the magazine, presents the finale from Stravinsky’s Firebird. Click on the button below to download our children’s guide and fun ‘Things to do!’ worksheet.

Visit the Ten Pieces website now to see the Ten Pieces repertoire list, download mp3s of the pieces, print out easy arrangements of each of the pieces and more!

Illustration: Jonty Clark


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