‘Ten Pieces’ Special: Part 3 – Handel’s Zadok the Priest

Our children’s guide to Handel’s famous choral work

‘Ten Pieces’ special: Part 3 – Handel’s Zadock the Priest

The BBC announced its ‘Ten Pieces‘ initiative in June last year. Over the period of one school year, ten essential pieces are being brought to life through videos, activities and special performances that aim to introduce the wonders and joys of classical music to primary school children.


We have joined in the fun with a special series of children’s guides presenting each of the ten pieces in turn. Part 3 introduces George Frideric Handel’s Zadok the Priest in a fact sheet and fun ‘Things to do!’ worksheet, which you can download below.

Visit the Ten Pieces website now to watch the Ten Pieces film, see the Ten Pieces repertoire listdownload mp3s of the pieces, and more.


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