‘Good Day, Sir Christemas!’ performed by the Yehudi Menuhin School Choir

Hear the first reader-rendition of the 2015 BBC Music Magazine carol

The Yehudi Menuhin School Choir (Credit: Simon Larter-Evans)

We are delighted to present the first reader-performance of this year's BBC Music Magazine carol, 'Good Day, Sir Christemas!' by Cheryl Frances-Hoad.


The Yehudi Menuhin School choir performed the carol as part of their Gala Fundraising Christmas Concert for a local charity called Cherry Trees.

'It has been a real thrill for our current generation of pupils to be able to perform a work by a past pupil,' says Malcolm Singer, the Yehudi Menuhin School's director of music. 'It has been a particular delight for me personally, as I taught Cheryl Frances-Hoad composition when she was a young pupil at the Menuhin School. Her carol "Good Day, Sir Christemas!"  is typical of her work – beautifully written for the voices and with wit and good humour. We had great fun preparing it for our Christmas concerts, and audiences at our Christmas concerts have enjoyed it immensely.'


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