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IDAGIO: Audio streaming, Concerts
and Interactive courses

The very best in classical music, curated for music lovers by music lovers.

Connecting musicians and audiences

For IDAGIO's founder Till Janczukowicz, “music has always been about communication and togetherness.” This sense of community is what drives IDAGIO in its mission to unite artists and audiences around the world through their shared passion for classical music. Founded in Berlin in 2015, IDAGIO is the world’s leading classical music audio streaming platform and has now developed an online video space, IDAGIO Concerts, as well as its newest offering, IDAGIO Interactive online courses, which form part of Janczukowicz’s long-term vision of a modern classical music community.

IDAGIO was originally created as a solution for classical music in the streaming world, tailoring the user experience as well as its payout model to the classical genre. As Janczukowicz explains, “streaming is how most of us consume music now, but the streaming of classical music doesn’t work properly on all streaming services.” So, if you care about classical music but often find yourself struggling with the experience of listening to classical on one-size-fits-all commercial music streaming services, read on to find out more about IDAGIO, a platform created by classical music lovers for classical music lovers.

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Artists you love, all in one place

As Janczukowicz explains, “in the world of classical music streaming, there are two key problems: metadata and quality. Classical music doesn’t fit neatly into the ‘artist, album and track’ schema used by most streaming providers. And that's why we decided the first thing we're going to do is build the classical music streaming platform because metadata is key. Classical metadata encompasses everything from the composer, the orchestra, the conductor, the choir and so on.”

IDAGIO offers its listeners a fully functional search engine uniquely tailored to the classical genre. Users of IDAGIO have access to over 2 million licensed tracks, lossless audio, personalised recommendations, expert-curated playlists and exclusive recordings which can’t be found anywhere else. Due to the vast amount of metadata available for each work, recording, album and track, users are able to compare multiple interpretations of the same work. For example: if you are interested in Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, on IDAGIO you will be able to compare more than 180 recordings on one page, filter them by conductor or orchestra, and add your favourites to your personal collection. Unlike other streaming services, every feature of IDAGIO has been designed specifically for classical music, so you can easily find the music that you love.

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Connecting musicians and audiences

In addition to audio streaming, IDAGIO has developed IDAGIO Concerts - live and on-demand concerts streamed from world-class artists and orchestras such as the Cleveland Orchestra and Boston Baroque - and IDAGIO Interactive, a brand new online learning space. IDAGIO Interactive courses offer a platform for participants to interact with and learn from their favourite artists, first-hand, in real-time, in the company of like-minded music lovers. Courses available include multiple sessions over several weeks, during which participants have the chance to get to know the artist personally and meet their guests, all international artists and creators in their own right.

IDAGIO Interactive courses so far have included ‘The Lenny Lens’, a journey through the music and legacy of Leonard Bernstein led by Bernstein's daughter, Jamie Bernstein, and a deep dive into the world of Mahler with world-renowned baritone and Mahler specialist, Thomas Hampson. Upcoming courses include a journey through Wagner's epic Ring Cycle with Opera Director Francesca Zambello, starting January 2023. Learning cohorts range from 10 to 50 people and the courses provide a space to truly connect with like-minded people around a shared passion, and enjoy exclusive archive material, performance recordings, and curated playlists. As Janczukowicz explains, “people are really coming together and this sense of community is a part of the vision for IDAGIO.”

For more information about IDAGIO, click here or download IDAGIO for your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store.