The Aurora Orchestra will host an immersive fully-memorised performance of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 at Printworks, as part of its newly announced collaborations with the electronic music venue.


The orchestra will move around the space, taking full use of the former press halls and mix up the sections of the orchestra so the instruments are no longer grouped in their usual formations. They will also perform in darkness and audience members will be able to get close to the players to allow for a truly immersive performance.

Printworks has a colourful history, having gone from being the largest printing factory in western Europe until it reopened in 2017 and became known as one of the continent's top electronic music venues and nightclubs. Located in the former Harmsworth Quays printing plant, it printed newspapers including the Daily Mail and Evening Standard right up until 2012.

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The Aurora Orchestra's performance of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony will take place at Printworks on 11 November.


Freya ParrDigital Editor and Staff Writer, BBC Music Magazine

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