Composer turns to Twitter for lyrics

New choral piece to use lyrics submitted by Twitter users


A British composer is asking internet users to send him lyrics for a new choral work via Twitter.


Christof R Davis, a 30-year-old composer from Solihull, launched Project Birdsong on the social media website on 6 January with a request that people Tweet him words that would be suitable for a work for vocal soloists, choir and chamber orchestra.

The Tweets will then be put to the public vote and the best 15 to 20 will be incorporated into his work which will be premiered at the end of the year.

‘Twitter is a great connector of people across geographical and social boundaries,’ says Davis. ‘What better way to represent this than by inviting people from across the globe to submit text to form the basis of a new choral work?’

The project bears similarities to the Royal Opera House’s Twitterdämmerung in September 2009, in which the public were invited to use Twitter to supply the libretto for a new opera. 

Entries for Project Birdsong can be submitted by tagging tweets with #Bsong and the closing date is Wednesday 29 February. Voting will open in March.


Darren Wee