Jane Austen’s music collection published online

University's project makes the author's music collection available to all.

Welsh traditional song Nos Galan, better known today as ‘Deck the Halls’, copied
Published: December 16, 2015 at 2:41 pm

Southampton University has completed their digitisation of the music collection of the Austen family, which will now be made available to the public via an online archive.


Jane Austen was a keen musician – she sang and played piano throughout her life.

The collection includes 18 albums of music containing an estimated 600 pieces, many of which were copied by hand by Austen and members of her family.

Austen’s bicentenary takes place in 2017, and the university hope that events celebrating the anniversary will be able to make use of the music collection.

The Frontispiece from 'Juvenile Songs & Lessons for young beginners who don’t know enough to practise' (Credit: The Jane Austen Memorial Trust)


To see more of the archive, click here.

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