Joseph Calleja champions Maltese music-for-all scheme

Free access to online education resources given to all residents

Joseph Calleja

The Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja is championing a scheme to give free online music education to the entire population of Malta. Meludia – an award-winning music training website – has been made available to all 425,000 residents in Malta, as well as visitors to the island, in both English and Maltese.


After Calleja discovered Meludia he convinced the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to offer everyone in the country access to the site, which features over 600 listening exercises to improve musical literacy.

French composer and pedagogue Vincent Chaintrier created the Meludia Method, drawing on his own research and existing educational models including the Kodály Method. It is based on the idea that the best way to learn music is in the same way that we acquire language. The site launched in 2012 and will initially be available for free in Malta for three years.

‘Meludia is intuitively interactive, fun and it will bring musical education to a new level,’ explained Calleja. ‘I am thrilled that it will be available to anyone in Malta that wants to boost his musical education or start from scratch.’


It’s not the first time Meludia has been made available to a whole country. In 2015, it was rolled out to Estonia’s 1.3 million strong population.