Mozart sheet music withdrawn from auction

Owner claims music was donated ‘in error’

Published: June 9, 2011 at 12:53 pm

A rare book of Mozart Sonatas that was to be auctioned has been withdrawn because the owner claims it was donated to a charity shop by mistake.


The news that a rare edition of Sonatas K10-15 had been located in a charity shop was widely reported this week – including on The sheet music was expected to fetch around £3,000.

However, since then, the donor has contacted the auction house to ask that the lot be withdrawn because she had not meant to donate it.

Oxfam have asked the woman to provide proof that the music belongs to her but, as it stands, the booklet is not going under the hammer.

An Oxfam spokesman said: ‘It was donated by mistake. It has been withdrawn pending an investigation.’


Elizabeth Davis

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