Radio 3 announces new schedule

Two new classical programmes to launch in autumn

Published: July 27, 2011 at 4:28 pm

BBC Radio 3 has announced the introduction of two new classical music programmes from 12 September.


Essential Classics will go out each weekday, starting Monday 12 September at 9am and Saturday Classics will launch the following Saturday at 3pm.

Rob Cowan and Sarah Walker will present the three-hour weekday programme which aims to introduce listeners to essential classical works and to recommend performances and artists. The extended length will allow for longer pieces of repertoire to be played, including, for example, the complete Building A Library recommendation.

Cowan and Walker will welcome a studio guest each day to talk about their musical tastes. In addition, there will be an Artist of the Week slot, to introduce rising classical stars or major artists both contemporary and from the past.

Presented by a range of figures from the classical music world, Saturday Classics will give listeners the chance to gain a personal insight into each presenter's passions and interests.

Roger Wright, controller of Radio 3 said: 'The new additions to our daytime programming will take listeners further on their journey through the world of classical music'. He added that he hoped Radio 3 would be 'a trusted guide to the core repertoire and recordings'.

Other changes to the schedule include a new start time for the weekday breakfast programme: Breakfast now runs 6.30-9am. Jazz Library moves to 12 midnight on Saturday nights and Jazz Line-Up moves to 11pm on Sundays.


Stella Lorenz

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