Sacked WNO oboist wins appeal

Former principal oboist’s case to be heard again

Published: May 31, 2011 at 12:44 pm

Murray Johnston who was dismissed by Welsh National Opera (WNO) for 'poor artistic performance' has won the right for his case for unfair dismissal to be heard again by an employment tribunal.


Johnston, who had played with WNO for more than 30 years was sacked by the orchestra last year.

At a hearing in October in Cardiff an Employment Tribunal found that Johnston had been fairly dismissed. That ruling has now been overturned.

Speaking after the original hearing WNO managing director Peter Bellingham said: ‘The decision to dismiss Mr Johnston was taken after genuine concerns about his playing were raised by the then music director, Carlo Rizzi. It was a decision taken entirely on artistic grounds.’

Mr Johnston’s case will now be heard by a different panel in Cardiff.


Elizabeth Davis

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