Yamaha calls for brass and woodwind scholarship candidates

Yamaha Music Foundation Europe prepares to launch the next generation of wind players

Published: July 4, 2014 at 10:32 am

This year is the turn of woodwind and brass players to win places on the prestigious Yamaha Music Foundation Europe (YMFE) scholarship scheme. Since 1989, the YMFE has offered a total of 850 scholarships to musicians from rotating disciplines. And now three scholarships, each of 2,000 euros, are up for grabs in the UK, plus one in Ireland.


Some of today’s top performers have benefited from the Yamaha scholarship scheme, including pianist Sasha Grynyuk and saxophonist Amy Dickson. Last year it was the turn of pianists Daniel Ciobanu (from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) and Dinara Klinton (from the Royal College of Music).

Founded in 1966, the Yamaha Music Foundation was established in Tokyo by the famous instrument-maker to promote an interest in music playing worldwide. And the YMFE now operates across 31 European countries.

Applications wil be accepted from full-time brass and woodwind music students under the age 25 who are currently studying in higher education. The deadline for these is 30 November 2014, with preliminary audition rounds scheduled for December. Candidates who pass the first round will be asked to submit recordings of ‘two contrasting pieces of music totalling no more than 30 minutes in duration’.


For further information see: ymfe.yamaha-europe.com

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