Bach, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Ravel, N¿rgŒrd, Barfoed, Wallin & Veldhuis

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COMPOSERS: Bach,Barfoed,Chopin,Mendelssohn,Nørgård,Ravel,Wallin & Veldhuis
LABELS: Chandos Collect
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Goldrush
WORKS: Works
CATALOGUE NO: CHAN 6651 Reissue (1996)
A rewarding programme of two unequal halves. The first contains transcriptions for tuned percussion of keyboard works ranging from Bach to Ravel, in which admiration for the Safri Duo’s musicality soon replaces amazement at the necessary virtuosity. The greater part of the disc is dedicated to pieces written specifically for the Safri’s manifest talents.


Of the new works, the close interplay of Rolf Wallin’s Twine sustains the greatest interest, though Goldrush by Jacob ter Veldhuis and Søren Barfoed’s Safricana amount to more than mere showpieces. Only the Bach/Nørgård Well-tempered Percussionists, which links the two parts, is a real clanger. Christopher Dingle