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COMPOSERS: Saint-Colombe
LABELS: Naïve Astrée
WORKS: Concertos for 2 viols
PERFORMER: Wieland Kuijken, Jordi Savall (bass viol)
CATALOGUE NO: ES 9968 AAD Reissue (1976, 1978)
The music of the 17th-century French composer Sainte-Colombe has brought together two of the leading bass viol players of the present day. Wieland Kuijken and Jordi Savall project an animated, conversational partnership in this reissue of ‘Concerts’ (suites) for two unaccompanied instruments. Though chiefly remembered nowadays as the teacher of the great Marin Marais and, more recently for his central role in the affectionately directed French film Tous les matins du monde (1992), he was evidently an idiomatically expressive composer for an instrument to which he is believed to have introduced a bottom, now standard seventh string, as his suites, of which there are over 60, show. The five Concerts included in this recital reveal a musician of sensibility and apparent introspection. Nicholas Anderson