Deo Gracias Anglia!

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LABELS: Obsidian
ALBUM TITLE: Deo Gracias Anglia!
WORKS: Medieval English Carols
PERFORMER: Andrew Lawrence-King (harp), Michaël Grébil (lute), Pamela Thorby (recorder); Alamire/David Skinner


Here’s a truly scholarly project: a filling-out of the 15th-century Trinity Carol Roll, reconstructing a performable version of the words and vocal part-writing in the unfolded manuscript. Alamire are experienced consort singers, and are accompanied by a variety of instruments including, in the mellifluous Lullay, lullay, a gemshorn, which sounds a little like a musical frog warbling. Middle English pronunciation appropriate to the period is used convincingly, providing insight into the interaction of words and music in these settings. A fascinating, if specialised issue.