Arthur Pryor, Trombone soloist of the Sousa Band

COMPOSERS: Arthur Clifton,Arthur Pryor,Caroline Luderssen,Gioachino Rossini,Lyn Udall
LABELS: Crystal
ALBUM TITLE: Arthur Pryor
PERFORMER: with Pryor’s Band, Pryor’s Orchestra and Sousa’s Band


Iff you want a real laugh, then Arthur Pryor, ‘the most acclaimed trombonist of all time’ – and star soloist in Sousa’s band – will almost certainly provide it. Not that Pryor was anything less than a phenomenal virtuoso (his own Polka Fantastic will soon put you straight on that score), but play We Won’t Go Home Until Morning (or For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow) and I challenge you to keep a straight face. There are 26 selections, some of them with Harry Enfield-style announcements, while the recordings themselves date from between 1901 and 1911 – and sound like it..