Collection: Marcel Journet: The Complete Solo Gramophone Recordings, 1909-33

LABELS: Marston
PERFORMER: Marcel Journet (bass)
CATALOGUE NO: 52009-2 ADD mono


The expressive bass of MARCEL JOURNET, now celebrated afresh on a splendid new series from Marston. Vol. 1 features the solo Gramophone recordings from 1909 to 1933 and traces a startling curve of artistic development that is at its most noticeable on three highly contrasted recordings of ’s Farewell’, all of them sung in French (the first two could be the work of two different singers). As it happens, the last of them (1928) also turns up on Romophone’s ‘WAGNER EN FRANÇAIS’ where it joins Germaine Lubin’s impassioned ‘Immolation Scene’ and a girlish ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ with Marjorie Lawrence as cheer-leader.