Dohn‡nyi, Bart—k, Hindemith, Gottschalk, Rzewski, etc

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COMPOSERS: Bartok,Dohnanyi,etc,Gottschalk,Hindemith,Rzewski
LABELS: Danacord
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Rarities of Piano Music at Schloss Vor Husum, 2001
WORKS: Works
PERFORMER: Giovanni Bellucci, Fredrik Ullén, Konstantin Scherbakov, Alfredo Perl, Kemal Gekic, Frédéric Meinders, Enrico Pace (piano)
The Husum Festival is dedicated to those parts of the piano repertoire that other festivals never reach. The annual disc of highlights offers a now familiar mix of the entertaining and intriguing. As Peter Grove observes in his excellent notes, not all rarities are masterpieces, but Enrico Pace’s brilliant advocacy of Hindemith’s Sonata No. 3 makes a persuasive case for the work. This is perhaps the most compelling account on disc, the outstanding performance among this selection, from a wonderful pianist captured on top form. Alfredo Perl is almost as convincing in his intense and beautifully sculpted reading of the final Rhapsody of Dohnányi’s Op. 11. For pure scintillation turn to Giovanni Bellucci in Gottschalk’s Souvenirs d’Andalousie – the repeated-note passages are astonishing; for pure beauty of tone, Frédéric Meinders shows his peers how to overcome the customary close inspection by the Danacord microphone and makes the instrument sing round the small concert hall. I could live without the pieces by Bartók, Tajcevic and Papandopulo, but a rarity I found utterly enchanting, played by Fredrik Ullén, is La fileuse, by one Laura Netzel (1839-1927), who wrote under the pseudonym of ‘N. Lago’ – typical Husum fare. Jeremy Nicholas