Schubert • Liszt • Fauré

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COMPOSERS: Schubert; Liszt; Fauré
LABELS: Cembal d’amour
ALBUM TITLE: Schubert • Liszt • Fauré
WORKS: Fantasy in C (Wanderer)
PERFORMER: Mordecai Shehori (piano)


Shehori, born in Israel and now based in New York, presents a wonderful Wanderer Fantasy here. The apparently simple (yet devilishly difficult) rhythmic root of the work defeats many pianists, but Shehori is rock solid and deeply musical. This is a big-hearted interpretation, with a beautiful variety of tone colour and a sense of empathy with the composer. The Fauré Nocturne is also convincingly atmospheric and imaginative: Shehori pays special attention to the powerful bass line which, as he points out in his own booklet notes, derives from Fauré’s training as an organist. The Liszt Sonata is, overall, less successful than the Schubert, but Shehori’s interpretation is unusual; his very sparing use of the pedal has both advantages and disadvantages, and he remains thoughtful and insightful.


Jessica Duchen