Graham Haynes: Tones for the 21st Century

COMPOSERS: Graham Haynes
LABELS: Antilles
PERFORMER: Graham Haynes (c, flg, kbd); Steve Neil (African harp); Aaron Lazansky, Tracie Morris (spoken word)
CATALOGUE NO: 537 692-2


Forward-thinking musicians such as Graham Haynes are drawing on several influences, especially ambient music, and reassembling them in new and interesting ways.

With more than an over-the-shoulder glance to Laswell’s recent work with his group Material (an acknowledged influence), Haynes creates sonic sound-on-sound backdrops to frame his Miles-like improvisations.


Haynes understands Miles’s message well, and if Tones for the 21st Century still sounds like work in progress then at least it represents the younger man’s willingness to experiment and meet the challenges of the future. SN