Native Sense

COMPOSERS: Bartok,Corea,Monk
LABELS: Stretch
ALBUM TITLE: Chick Corea & Gary Burton
PERFORMER: Chick Corea (p), Gary Burton (vibraphone, marimba)


Chick Corea and Gary Burton have been performing in duo, touring and recording together at intervals since 1972, and their current release, Native Sense, is something of a masterpiece. Eight pieces were composed by Corea, and the remaining three consist of two of Béla Bartók’s Bagatelles and Thelonius Monk’s tricky ‘sheets of sound’ composition Four in One, which they handle with playful nonchalance. Corea and Burton are virtuosi whose playing speaks directly to the human heart: very lyrical and also rhythmically eloquent, it sings and swings. The interplay and flights of fancy are often thrilling.