Chris Stout (fiddle, viola)

COMPOSERS: Chris Stout (fiddle,viola)
LABELS: Greentrax
ALBUM TITLE: Chris Stout
WORKS: Devil’s Advocate
PERFORMER: Chris Stout (fiddle, viola)
There’s plenty more fiddling and even some viola, but no vocals from chris stout on Devil’s Advocate. As part of a quintet, his lithe playing bounces off double bass and percussive acoustic guitar. Fraser Fifield’s soprano sax lends a jazzy ambience and Catriona Mackay’s harp puts a spring in the step of his jigs. He has a fondness for jagged, asymmetrical time signatures, and is still capable of beautifully austere Shetland airs such as ‘Auld Swaara’ and original tunes that evoke a strong sense of place. Definitely a name to watch