Glenn Gould

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COMPOSERS: Glenn Gould
LABELS: Ideale Audience International DVD
ALBUM TITLE: Glenn Gould Hereafter: A Film by Bruno Monsaingeon
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PERFORMER: Glenn Gould, Yehudi Menuhin etc


This is the second film which Bruno

Monsaingeon has made about

Glenn Gould (he has also written

four books in French about him).

It aims not only to show us more

about him but also more about

the impact he has had on various

people, to the extent where they

genuinely feel he has changed their

lives. Monsaingeon has unearthed

a great deal of footage of the young

Gould playing the piano and talking

about music generally. Usually

Gould is phenomenally articulate

and intelligent, though his Achilles’

heel is his tiresome sense of humour.

And when he argues with Yehudi

Menuhin about the virtues of ‘live’

performance (which Gould hated)

versus recordings (which he loved),

I think Menuhin clearly gets the

better of it. They then play some

of Schoenberg’s Violin and Piano

Fantasy wonderfully. There are

many musical excerpts, though it is

annoying that you have to look in the

accompanying booklet to find out

what they are.

One of the film’s main object was

to show how absurd it is to think that

Gould was hardly interested in any

composer other than Bach. Though

it is absurd, one sees from the film

itself why that view is still sometimes


held. Michael Tanner