Keyvan Chemirani (percussion); various musicians

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COMPOSERS: Keyvan Chemirani (percussion); various musicians
LABELS: Accords Croises
ALBUM TITLE: Le rythme de la parole ii
WORKS: Le rythme de la parole ii
PERFORMER: Keyvan Chemirani (percussion); various musicians
In le rythme de la parole ii, subtitled Conversations musicales, ambitious cross-cultural exchanges are cleverly set in context by its accompanying book and DVD. Percussionist Keyvan Chemirani has brought together singers and instrumentalists from Iran, Mali, and South India, and set them jamming in the studio. But there’s nothing haphazard about the results: the kora and tar – from opposite ends of the lute spectrum – sweetly contend, as do Persian and African vocal modes, while the poetry of Rumi seems perfectly at home in raga-territory. Chemirani has found common ground in the speech-patterns of the musicians’ respective languages, and created pieces which celebrate this communality. Michael Church.