Monteverdi: Orfeo

COMPOSERS: Monteverdi
WORKS: Orfeo
PERFORMER: Eric Tappy, Magali Schwartz, Wally Staempfli, Laura Sarti, Juliette Bise
CATALOGUE NO: 4509-98531-2 ADD Reissue
Predating even Harnoncourt’s pioneering recording of Monteverdi’s favola in musica, this period-instrument performance, made in France in 1968, is notable for its rapturous, Italianate singing and the glorious intensity and fullness of sound it achieves, even if the acoustic is too obviously studio-bound. Eric Tappy and Magali Schwartz are movingly impassioned as the thwarted lovers, and Laura Sarti’s Messagiera and Theo Altmeyer’s Apollo are both outstanding. Claire Wrathall