Per Norgard

COMPOSERS: Per Norgard
WORKS: Siddharta; For a Change
PERFORMER: Stig Fogh Andersen, Aage Haugland, Edith Guillaume, Erik HarboGert Mortensen (percussion)Danish National RSO & Choir/Jan Latham-Koenig
CATALOGUE NO: 8.224031/32 ADD
Per Norgard’s Siddharta, subtitled ‘Play for the Expected One’, is an opera-ballet about a king who protects his son from the imperfect realities of the world. It is strong moral stuff, about what makes a life genuine. The music, though rigidly constructed, is not hard to listen to. This is a rather dogged performance, though it builds to a wonderfully chaotic, harrowing denouement. The filler, the extended percussion concerto For a Change, is utterly compelling and has real presence. Stephen Pettitt