Bizet/Waxman, Falla, Saint-Sa‘ns

COMPOSERS: Bizet/Waxman,Falla,Saint-Sa‘ns
LABELS: Teldec
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Carmen Fantasy
WORKS: Carmen Fantasy; Spanish Dance from La vida breve; The Swan
PERFORMER: Sergei Nakariakov (trumpet)Alexander Markovich (piano)
CATALOGUE NO: 4509-94554-2 DDD
Astonishing though the technical wizardry of the young Sergei Nakariakov is, the golden sound of the trumpet still eludes him. He captures the warm, graceful sound-world of Saint-Saëns’s ‘Swan’ only with what appears to be a flugelhorn. The disc is designed to display Nakariakov’s virtuosity and he races around jumping through all hoops with amazing ease. But compared with the artistic achievements of child prodigies such as Evgeny Kissin and Sarah Chang this disc is a mere circus act. Deborah Calland