Dutilleux: Symphony No. 2 (Le double); Métaboles; The Shadows of Time

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COMPOSERS: Dutilleux
WORKS: Symphony No. 2 (Le double); Métaboles; The Shadows of Time
PERFORMER: Toulouse Capitole Orchestra/Michel Plasson
Devotees of Henri Dutilleux have been well served in recent years. The music is finally taking up its deserved place in the repertoire, with the healthy consequence that a recording is no longer desirable simply for existing. Michel Plasson and the Toulouse Capitole Orchestra fit the bill, not only by the excellence of their performances, but also by the careful balance of their programme. The recent Shadows of Time here takes its rightful place in a programme spanning 40 years of creativity, demonstrating both the consistency of Dutilleux’s expression, and his concurrent ability to instil each work with a unique character. Plasson clearly has the measure of these works, carefully cranking up the intensity of ‘Mémoire des ombres’, the intense heart of The Shadows of Time, or pacing the sublime closing pages of the Symphony to perfection. The sound is occasionally a little muddy in The Shadows of Time and, as ever, there is not enough silence given between the works. These are small caveats in a welcome addition to the Dutilleux discography. Christopher Dingle