Ibert, Martin, Larsson

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COMPOSERS: Ibert,Larsson,Martin
LABELS: Arte Nova
WORKS: Concertino da camera
PERFORMER: John-Edward Kelly (saxophone); Ostrobothnian CO/Juha Kangas
CATALOGUE NO: 74321 277862 Reissue (1991)
Despite the fact that these works were all composed for Sigurd Raschér during the mid-Thirties they encompass widely differing musical styles. What they share, however, are technical challenges that remain undiminished almost 70 years on. The most overt of these is the use of the extreme altissimo range even in some of the most lyrical sections. Few players attempt these passages at the intended pitch and those who do rarely sound convincing, yet the soloist here makes them sound remarkably effortless. His technical prowess is matched by a warm velvety sound, ideally suited to these pieces which are central to the serious saxophone repertoire. Tim Payne