Kancheli, Yusupov, Amirov & Terterian

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COMPOSERS: Amirov & Terterian,Kancheli,Yusupov
LABELS: Arte Nova
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Music from Tajikistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan & Armenia
WORKS: Works
PERFORMER: Matthias Ziegler (flute), Araik Bakhtikian, Vazgen Makaryan (duduk, zurna); Dresden SO/Michael Helmrath
CATALOGUE NO: 74321 82556 2
The Dresden SO is made up of young professionals who get together on an expenses-only basis to perform the music that they want to. This recording, made live at a concert in 1999, shows that their altruism really pays dividends: the playing is involved, and the few inevitable imprecisions and audience noises are a small price to pay for such genuine music-making. Kancheli is the best known name, and … à la Duduki is the familiar mix of unrestrained outbursts and ghostly interrupted processional, which somehow manages simultaneously to be achingly nostalgic and incredibly contemporary. Yusupov’s Nola is a concerto for various flutes (including a specially manufactured contrabass), expertly played by Ziegler. There are echoes of Kancheli in the slow music, but the second movement is a folk-like dance, with the amplified sounds of the soloist, including a rhythmic tape-loop, giving it a unique flavour. Amirov’s Gülistan Bayaty Shirãz is a pretty traditional oriental tone poem, but Terteryan’s Third Symphony is extraordinary: some of it is even more pared-down and apparently disjointed than the Kancheli, but the raucous sounds of the oboe-like zurna gives a real kick to the music, especially in the last movement. No wonder the audience applauds so enthusiastically. Martin Cotton