Mozart: Serenade in B flat, K361 (Gran partita); Serenade in C minor, K388

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WORKS: Serenade in B flat, K361 (Gran partita); Serenade in C minor, K388
PERFORMER: Bavarian RSO/Colin Davis
CATALOGUE NO: 09026 60873-2 DDD
These suave, elegant performances were recorded at two live concerts in the Reichsaal, Regensburg, in June 1991. The quality of the sound produced by the wind section of the Bavarian RSO is sumptuous. Needless to say, there’s an extraordinary difference between this kind of sound and that produced by period instruments. It really depends on your personal taste, whether you prefer the astringent and blunt sound of 18th-century wind instruments (or copies thereof) or the beguiling and seductive sound that Sir Colin Davis entices from his ready collaborators. The sleeve notes, by John Wiser, perpetuate the long-discredited notion that Mozart composed K361 in Munich in 1780, whereas Alan Tyson has shown that the watermarks of the autograph (now in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC) are of the period Vienna, 1781-2, and it is now thought that the work was written for Wolfgang’s marriage to Constanze in 1782. The first known public performance was in Vienna in 1784, when parts of it were played. HC Robbins Landon