Toretti, Franceschini, Jacchini, Domenico Gabrietti

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COMPOSERS: Domenico Gabrietti,Franceschini,Jacchini,Toretti
LABELS: Teldec Das Alte Werk
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Baroque Music of Bologna
WORKS: Trumpet Sonatas and Concertos by Toretti, Franceschini, Jacchini, Domenico Gabrietti
PERFORMER: David Staff, Mark Bennett (Baroque trumpets)St James’s Baroque Players/Ivor Bolton
CATALOGUE NO: 4509-91192-2 DDD
Sought after internationally, the Baroque trumpeters David Staff and Mark Bennett virtually guarantee the success of this disc. A pity, then, that their names (and instruments) are missing from the cover, probably ensuring its absence from the brass category in record stores.


Almost any collection of Baroque music from Bologna is bound to feature items for trumpet and/or cello: both instruments flourished at the Accademia Filarmonica established there in the mid-17th century. And perhaps predictably, any disc devoted to a single school or style tends to become samey. This one is no exception: better to sample in a couple of sittings. Careful listening is, however, rewarded. Notice the remarkable work by Franceschini – the trumpets are used in both the slow movements (contrary to tradition), and even, extraordinarily, in minor-key passages.


The trumpet-playing throughout is outstanding: well balanced, in tune, stylish. It’s an ideal opportunity to hear this music in its full orchestral splendour, rather than in the usual reductions for trumpet and organ. Deborah Calland