Xenakis/Mira Fornes/Berio

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COMPOSERS: Xenakis/Mira Fornes/Berio
WORKS: Dox-Orkh; Desde tan tien; Corale
PERFORMER: Irvine Arditti (violin); Moscow PO/Jonathan Nott
The connection between these three works for violin and orchestra is Irvine Arditti’s astonishing command of the most complex and demanding violin writing, but the composers represented all tackle the problem of reconciling the solo instrument and orchestra in strikingly different ways. Desde tan tien, by the 45-year-old Spaniard Rafael A Mira Fornés, is the nearest approach to a conventional concerto and the results are largely conventional too, while Xenakis’s Dox-Orkh juxtaposes vivid, jagged clusters in the orchestra against a violin line that swoops and slides; it’s music of confrontation rather than reconciliation. Berio provides the most intriguing discourse, using his Sequenza VIII as the starting point for Corale’s burgeoning layers; the solo violin provides the nucleus that determines and articulates the orchestral lines that build up around it. Andrew Clements