Pinto, Esteves, Neves, etc

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COMPOSERS: Esteves,etc,Neves,Pinto
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Negro Spirituals of Baroque Brazil
WORKS: Music
PERFORMER: Musique de Lumière/Jean-Christophe Frisch
CATALOGUE NO: 130 Reissue (2000)
K617’s title is misleading. There are no negro spirituals here, just a selection of instrumental and sacred choral works, in European Baroque style, by black, white and mulatto composers from Brazil, Portugal and Bolivia. Quality is variable. Unfortunately, the longer pieces – Pinto’s Te Deum, Esteves’s Magnificat – are the least remarkable, while more original works – an anonymous trio sonata, Oliveira’s brief Miserere, Neves’s briefer Salve regina – involve considerable ‘reconstruction’ of parts (adding horns seems a favoured ploy). Performances are fair if unexceptional, but the sound is too resonant and no sung texts are included. Of interest chiefly to academics and specialists. Graham Lock