Berlioz: Les nulls d’ete; Romeo et Juliette (excerpts); Overtures

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LABELS: Philips Insignia
WORKS: Les nulls d’ete; Romeo et Juliette (excerpts); Overtures
PERFORMER: Sheila Armstrong, Josephine Veasey, Frank Patterson, John Shirley-QuirkLSO/Colin Davis
CATALOGUE NO: 438 307-2 ADD (1966-78)
In some ways this disc reflects the worst aspects of reissues. Davis directs splendid performances and the recordings are perfectly acceptable; but the combination of items makes no kind of sense and the lack of documentation, texts and translations is a disgrace. Why on earth couple Nuits d’eft with two movements wrenched from Romeo et Juliette, when the cycle was previously coupled with other songs, in particular the wonderful La captive?. Daft, and a pity. Terry Barfoot