Holst/Ravel/Stravinsky: The Planets

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COMPOSERS: Holst/Ravel/Stravinsky
WORKS: The Planets
PERFORMER: Los Angeles PO, French Radio Orchestra, Berlin PO/Leopold Stokowski
CATALOGUE NO: CDM 5 65423 2 ADD (1956-58)
Drawn from Capitol’s variably successful ‘Full Dimensional Sound’ catalogue, these early stereo recordings are charismatic Stokowski, at the height of his powers, shaping the music with a sweeping sense of structure and line, dramatically responsive to every nuance and inflexion, coaxing and commanding the best out of his three very different bands. The clarity and detail, the dynamic range and bass/treble presence, the physical closeness of the Holst (Stage Seven, Samuel Goldwyn Studios) is stunning. Likewise the electrifying heat of the Ravel (Salle Wagram) and the savage immediacy of the more acoustically spacious Stravinsky (Grünewaldkirche), the strings, brass and percussion of the Berlin Philharmonic captured to devastating effect. Ates Orga