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COMPOSERS: Prokofiev/Britten
LABELS: Decca Phase 4 Stereo
WORKS: Peter and the Wolf; Lieutenant Kijé Suite; The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
PERFORMER: Sean Connery (narrator); Netherlands Radio PO, RPO/Antal Dorati
CATALOGUE NO: 444 104-2 ADD (1966/75)
Bond fans will be thrilled to encounter Sean Connery as the narrator for The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra and Peter and the Wolf. Particularly the latter, for the narrative has been wittily revised to include expressions like ‘dumb duck’ and ‘pussy-cat’, delivered by Connery with impish charm. Moreover, music and speech have been impeccably synchronised, in the best radio tradition, rather than confining the speech to gaps in the music. But best of all, the narration takes place in a dry studio acoustic, both intimate and clear, which avoids the problem of a stentorian voice booming around the concert hall. This is a good story, and well told. Christopher Lambton