Shostakovich, Kod‡ly, Weiner, Bart—k, Kabalevsky, Glinka

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COMPOSERS: Bartok,Glinka,Kabalevsky,Kodaly,Shostakovich,Weiner
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Fritz Reiner
WORKS: Symphony No. 6; Dances of Galánta; Divertimento No. 1; Hungarian Sketches; Colas Breugnon Overture; Kamarinskaya
PERFORMER: Pittsburgh SO/Fritz Reiner
CATALOGUE NO: MHK 62343 ADD mono 1945-7
Reiner’s support for Shostakovich during his tenure with the Pittsburgh orchestra led to two performances of the enigmatic Sixth Symphony and this 1945 recording. He captures the first movement’s introspection as completely as the mordant satire of the second and the grotesque comedy of the third, while his attention to dynamics and accents is keen. The sound is impacted and boxy, though better for the three scores by his Hungarian compatriots, to each of which Reiner brings idiomatic command. George Hall