Preludes to Ceremonies of the Whirling Dervishes

COMPOSERS: The Erguner Brothers
LABELS: JVC World Sounds
WORKS: World
PERFORMER: The Erguner Brothers


Riding the flood of releases from JVC’s World Sounds makes for exciting travel. The collection, first issued in Japan, has extended the recorded lists of many countries’ music and it is only possible to take samples of it in a short round-up like this.

From Turkey, two discs listen in on Sufi rituals. The colourful allusion to dervishes in the Erguner Brothers’ title disguises some lyrical instrumental music, led by flutes and pulsed along by percussion at a mainly steady pace.


It’s a living tradition in which new composition follows the ancient patterns. Fixed sections give way to freer interludes in which solos rise and fall, alternate and merge, beyond the constraints of measured time.