The best recordings of Mozart's Don Giovanni

The greatest recordings of Mozart's landmark opera, gathered together in a playlist

classical music
Published: September 27, 2012 at 11:59 am

A playlist of the best recordings of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni.


We've put together a playlist of tracks from some of the recordings that feature in our must-have list of recordings – from Karl Böhm's 1977 version with the Vienna Philharmonic to Carlo Maria Giulini's recording from 1959 with the Philharmonia.

And if you're a fan of Mozart's epic work, we've also put together a list of six other operas from the period that you might enjoyable, from Cherubini's Médée to Gazzaniga's Don Giovanni Tenorio – one of the operas which may have inspired Mozart to write his own version of the legend. Listen to tracks from these and many more in our Building a Library Spotify playlist.


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