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Mozart Revealed
Jan Swafford blows away 200 years of exaggeration and myth as he explores what the composer was really like

Time to vote!
We reveal the seven category shortlists for the much anticipated BBC Music Magazine Awards 2021

Pauline Viardot
Jessica Duchen on the soprano and composer who had 19th-century Europe falling at her feet in admiration

Major capital
Michael White heads back through the centuries to investigate London’s richly varied musical history

Tempestuous times
What is Sturm und Drang? Richard Wigmore explains the 18th century’s stormy musical and literary term

The BBC Music Magazine Interview
Violinist Pekka Kuusisto talks to Fiona Maddocks

Composer of the Month
Does Lyadov deserve his reputation as Russia’s idlest composer? Daniel Jaffé puts the case for the defence

Building a Library
Stephen Johnson on Sibelius’s Seventh Symphony

Music that Changed Me
Composer Nigel Hess